Our Promise


To provide a fun, convenient, and ethical way for pet owners to make their furry friends safer, healthier, and happier.


To bring the good life to all pets, and strengthen their bond with their owners.

Our Story

DOGBOX was born out of necessity. It's taken years of research to finally start understanding how to really fulfill our own dog's needs. Many people have helped us along the way and now we finally get to share this information with you! Waste less of your time trying to understand ingredient lists, or spending money on toys that fall to pieces in minutes. We've made all those mistakes for you - and now we have a solution to the problem.
My dog Skye is a Malinois X from our local SPCA - he thinks he's a police dog AKA Sargent Skye. We have a compulsory tug-of-war every day when I get home from work. He needs durable toys for this obviously! The cheap ones just don't cut it. He also has a sensitive stomach and it was difficult finding treats that weren't mostly made with low-grade wheat or by products. I'm a professional problem-solver ;) so it was only natural that we created DOGBOX!