Pick your dog's favourite products from our store

We’ve partnered with the top brands on the island to make sure that your dog only gets the best products available. 

We’re still adding products to our online store, so if you can’t find your dog’s favourite products, send us a message and we’ll check if we have them in stock.


For each product, choose how often you want it delivered

You can choose the delivery schedule that fits your needs for each product.  For example, you could choose to get food delivered every month, and a flea/tick collar every 6 months.

You can also choose the One-time purchase option for any product in our store.  Please see here for more information about deliveries.


Every month, you can pick a delivery time that works for you

We’ll send you a message every month with a delivery date and time.  If that doesn’t work for you, we’ll find one that does!  


Our team packs and delivers your subscriptions at your chosen time

We’ll deliver your subscriptions at your chosen time and date.  No more running out to buy dog food, or trying to remember when you bought the last flea treatment.

Just set it and forget it – we’ll handle the rest.


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