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Playtime is your pup's favourite time of day. Your dog needs play for his overall health and happiness. Dogs are pack animals that need physical play with you and other dogs. One of the essential benefits of dog play is that it is an opportunity to create a bond between you and your canine companion. Another benefit of puppy play is exercise. Dogs need exercise - whether it's walking or running - to stay in shape. Staying physically active can keep your dog from gaining weight and keep the pressure on puppies' joints in check.

You can train your dog through play and with dog toys. Dogbox carries the best dog toys from top dog toy manufacturers like Karlie Flamingo, and KONG. Your dog can play with dog balls, tough & durable dog toys, soft dog toys, squeaky dog toys, dog puzzles, and rope and tug dog toys. KONG dog toys are durable and built to last. If your dog is a rascal with a strong jaw, KONG toys can be the perfect alternative to your designer furniture. KONG durable dog toys include balls of all shapes and sizes and even cuddly plush toys. Soft dog toys are great for dogs seeking comfort as they can ease puppy anxiety. Interactive dog toys help stimulate your puppy's mind, which is key to a fulfilling life. If your puppy likes to chew on your prized possessions, dog chew toys can be a lifesaver. Chew toys can keep your puppy occupied for hours and out of your closet. Playtime with your puppy is a priceless experience that pet parents will appreciate. Make the most of puppy play with dog toys from Dogbox.

Frequently asked questions about dog toys

What are the best dog toys?

The best dog toys vary depending on life stage, personality, habits, preferences, and even health considerations. Chew toys are suitable for puppies and adult dogs, but some dogs are very persistent chewers and may need extra-strong construction. Retrieval dog toys encourage exercise and interaction with you, while interactive toys stimulate dogs mentally and keep them interested.

What are the safest dog toys?

The safest dog toys for dogs that like to chew are chew-proof and squeak-free toys, as regular toys can sometimes break into small pieces and pose a choking hazard. All of the toys we offer are safe, but you should always supervise your dog while playing.

How to clean dog toys?

Clean dog toys by washing them by hand with soap and warm water, or follow the care instructions on the packaging if included. You can put some rubber and nylon toys in the dishwasher for easy and thorough cleaning. Avoid using cleaning wipes and sprays for dog toys, as some contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to your pup.

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