Arya Ear Cleanser 100Ml

The Cleansing Lotion Eye Contour Arya for cats and dogs is ideal to take care of
your pet ocular apparatus starting from hygiene of the eye area. Composed of 97%
natural ingredients , it represents a leader among the safest products.


The Cleansing Lotion Eye Contour Arya has developed with the goal of making the
paperwork for proper hygiene of the eye area of your dog or your cat’s habit
simple and practical. In the formulation there are extracts of olive oil and
chamomile extracts, both organic , which favor a deeper cleansing of the eye
contour, acting delicately on the skin. The olive oil extract has antioxidant
and soothing properties and helps to counteract irritation and
redness. The chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and indicated
to treat reddened and irritated eyes. The Cleansing Lotion Eye Contour Aryais
ideal for cleaning, refreshing and protecting the eye area of your dog and
cat. Moreover, thanks to its 97% natural formulation , it is not aggressive and
is not annoying for your pet’s sensitivity.


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