Canina | CanHydrox Gag for Dogs

Designed to strengthen the connective tissue, joints, cartilages, bones, teeth, ligaments and tendons. Ideal for post skeletal surgery recovery.


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Canina | CanHydrox Gag for Dogs

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Canina CanHydrox Gag for Dogs

This product helps in these general aspects:

  • Strengthen ligaments, sinews and musculature
  • Formation of a strong skeleton
  • Prevents hip dysplasia
  • Formation of a strong denture, firm gums, hardening of the dental enamel

Contains Hydroxylapatite which helps to:

  • Provide elastic stability and bone mass
  • Activate callus formation
  • Support bone formation of straight and well axial aligned extremities
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Essential for bone formation

Contains Silica which helps to strengthen:

  • Connective tissue
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Claws

Contains Vitamin C which helps to:

  • Strengthen the connective tissue
  • Support stronger anchorage of teeth
  • Skin & Scar healing

Ideal for Puppies and Junior / Young dogs with:

  • Deformed extremities (knock-knees or bow-legs)
  • Overextension
  • Loose joints
  • Loose connective tissue

It aides adult dogs by:

  • Reducing the effect of Arthrosis*
  • Acting as support for performance as the elasticity of the bones is enhanced
  • Preventing osteoporosis, joints and movement problems
  • Aiding bone recovery after skeletal surgery & orthopaedics
  • Helping in bone fracture recovery/li>

*Arthrosis is a non-inflammatory degenerative condition associated with aging. It affects mainly cartilage, which becomes rugged, irregular and worn out. This breakdown of cartilage can cause pain and loss of mobility of the joint.

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