Canina | Oat Milk Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (250ml)

A smooth, skin soothing shampoo for dogs and cats of all ages & coats. Good for frequent use and ideal for pets with sensitive / allergic skins.

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Canina | Oat Milk Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (250ml)

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Canina Oat Milk Shampoo for Dogs & Cats 250ml

Oak Milk Shampoo is gentle on the skin and hair and preserves the natural acid protection of the skin.

The hydrolysed oat proteins protect and sooth the skin. The oak milk has a slightly anti-inflammatory effect and soothes any skin irritation. This every day shampoo can also be applied to dry skin without any risk.

It has a pleasant aroma which is not overpowering.


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