Canina | Pet Vital Catlax Gel for Cats (100ml)

Supports natural digestion of hairballs in cats of all ages. Helps hairballs to pass through the digestive system easily without obstructing it.

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Canina | Pet Vital Catlax Gel for Cats (100ml)

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Canina Pet Vital Catlax Gel for Cats 100ml

Swallowing hair & hairball formation are a natural process in cats due to their way of cleaning themselves. The accumulation of hairballs in the digestive system can disturb the normal digestion process.

This product helps cats to reduce the effect of hairballs on the digestive system of cats.

This product is uniquely effective due to the high percentage of a special plant lubricants it contains. When added to the food, these plant based lubricants form an emulsion with the feed which prevents hairballs from obstructing the digestive system and are excreted easier.

It also improves the ability of the excrements to bind water which facilitates defecation.

The plant based lubricants are not absorbed by the cat’s digestive system which makes this product very safe to use.

Dosage and administration.

  • Adult cats: 5ml three times a week
  • Young cats & Kittens: 2.5ml three times a week
  • Mix it in with the food

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