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Dorwest | Neutradog Tablets (100)

Help neutralise those doggie odours with Dorwest Neutradog tablets with mint, parsley, and chlorophyll.

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Dorwest | Neutradog Tablets (100)

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This powerful combination of chlorophyllin, parsley, seaweed and mint are perfect to neutralise smells by absorbing odour causing compounds and naturally removing them through the body. This ensures the odours are neutralised before they can be secreted through the skin, making it perfect for a whole host of ?smelly? issues!

Ideal for:

-Smelly older dogs
-Bitches in season
-Yeasty smelly skin
-Bad breath

The humble Parsley plant is often underestimated, however this green leafed herb is naturally rich in chlorophyll, a natural odour absorbing compound.

Chlorophyll, or more importantly chlorophyllin (a water soluble version), helps to neutralise smells by absorbing odour causing compounds and naturally removing them through the system.

Kelp seaweed has an important role to play in helping to eliminate toxins. Naturally rich in anti-oxidants this provides support to the natural anti-inflammatory processes within the body.

Mint, a cooling herb, is perfect for neutralising nasty smells within the body and also soothing the digestion.


Calcium Carbonate, Maltodextrin, Cellulose, Peppermint oil powder (40mg), Kelp Seaweed extract (Fucus vesiculosis) (equiv. 100mg), Sodium copper chlorophyllin (15mg), Parsley extract (equiv 50mg), Cellulose coating, Magnesium sterate, Silicon Dixoide

1 tablet per 10kg bodyweight daily. Can increase to double the amount, if necessary. Recommended to be given for the minimum of one month.

Can be used during pregnancy?:

Can be used during lactation?:

Can be given in conjunction with any medication.

Product Finishing:
Film Coated

Suitable from:
From 8 weeks


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