Duvo P-Pad 60X60Cm X50Pcs Xl



This high absorption Duvo+ P-Pad with green grass scent can be used for the
house-training of puppies and can also be perfectly used as a toilet for
incontinent dogs or dogs that are confined for a long time. Helps in the toilet
training of your puppy: keep the pad out in an accessible place. Put the puppy
onto it after eating and drinking and reward him when he has done his business
on the P-pad. Always be patient with your puppy in order to encourage him always
to do his business there you can also use the P-pad spray. When the puppy
regularly uses the P-Pad correctly, move the P-Pad gradually towards the door
until it is outside and the puppy does his business there. Can also be used in
travel baskets and kennels. The P-Pads consist of 5 layers, the top layer is
very hard-wearing and non-tear. The 2nd and 4th layers remove unpleasant odours
quickly and release a fresh grass scent. The middle layer quickly converts
liquid into gel to ensure dry paws. And the 5th layer is made from strong,
synthetic material

* Highly absorbent
* Suitable for toilet training, puppies, adult dogs and invalid dogs
* Suitable for travel cages or kennels
* The P-Pads consist of 5 layers: hard-wearing, no leaks and non-tear
* Remove unpleasant odours quickly


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