Duvo P-Pad 60X90Cm X 7Pcs W/Adhesive Str



This Duvo + urine cloth with a high absorption fresh grass scent can be used for
puppies’ home training and can also be used perfectly as a service for dogs with
incontinence or dogs that are confined for a long time. It helps train your dog
to relieve himself in the right place. Place the mat in an accessible
place. After your puppy has eaten and drunk, place him on the pet mat and reward
him if he needs his. Be patient and encourage your pet to always relieve himself
there. You can also use the air freshener for the mat. Once your pet uses the
mat well and regularly, gradually move it toward the door. Finally, place it
outside for your pet to relieve itself there. You can also use it in carriers or
in booths. The P-Pad soaps are composed of five layers: The upper layer is very
resistant and anti-breakage.

* Highly absorbent
* Suitable for puppies, adult dogs and disabled dogs
* Suitable for sheds or travel cages
* The P-Pads are composed of five layers: very resistant and anti-breakage,
without leaks
* Quickly remove unpleasant odors


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