Duvo Plus Click And Go Travel Bag S



Your dog can travel with you safely and comfortably with this sturdy but
lightweight Duvo+ Travel bag. Made from hardwearing, waterproof nylon, the bag
has a metal structure which makes it particularly stable. The top and sides have
zip fastenings and ventilation holes. The bag is easy to clean and folds flat.
The sturdy handle is easy to handle. Handy for use in the home, in the car, or
on holidays.

* Lightweight yet sturdy travel bag
* Very stable thanks to its solid metal structure.
* With zip fastener and ventilation holes on each side to provide plenty of
fresh air.
* Foldable, waterproof nylon bag
* With handle. Ideal for use in the home, in the car, training or holidays.

Size: 61x41x41cm


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