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* NO PULL – Keeping owners in Control, the Easy Walk Headcollar redirects your
Dog’s forward motion, gently guiding them back to your side, preventing
* ADJUSTABLE FIT – The Easy Walk Headcollar is easy to adjust, helping you to
get the ideal fit for your Dog
* NO CHOKING – Helping to stop Pulling, Lunging and Jumping, the Easy Walk
Headcollar gently applies pressure to the back of the head, preventing any
choking or irritation to the neck
* COMFORTABLE – The Easy Walk Headcollar is made from strong yet soft nylon,
ensuring that both owners and pets are comfortable on their walks.
* WARRANTY – The PetSafe Easy Walk Head Collar includes a two year
manufacturer’s warranty

Train your dog. Enjoy your walk.
The Easy Walk Headcollar is a comfortable and stylish solution to help dog
owners with pulling, lunging and jumping. When the dog’s nose is ‘steered’, the
body follows, eliminating any chance of the owner being pulled down the street
by their dog. Evolved from a simple nose loop, the soft nylon construction of
the headcollar is supplied with a complimentary colour lead.

How it works – the opposition reflex
Unlike other Headcollars, the Easy Walk Headcollar is free from complicated
straps which can cover the dogs face and get very close to eyes. These collar
types work by ‘squeezing’ the dog’s face as the attached lead is pulled. The
Easy Walk Headcollar fits high up on the dog’s head and uses pressure on the
back of the dog’s head to actually relax the dog and stop him pulling. It is the
dog’s instinct for him to push back against the pressure which prevents him from
pulling. Some Headcollars can not be adjusted. Others have a series of clips to
adjust. The Easy Walk Head collar has fully adjustable straps to ensure the most
comfortable and custom fit.

All dogs have a natural opposition reflex – if you push against them, they push
back. If you pull them back, they pull away. So any collar that puts pressure at
the front of the throat, actually works against the owner by increasing the
dog’s instinct to pull forward away from the owner.

The Easy Walk Headcollar is designed to apply 80 per cent the dogs pulling force
through the neck strap to apply pressure the back of the dog’s neck. This
activates the dog’s opposition reflex which is the natural instinct of dogs to
push against pressure rather than move away from it. Every time the dog pulls
the force on the back of its neck encourages it to instinctively lean back
against the pressure – rather than moving away from it – thus reducing the

* Immediate, gentle control.
* Stops pulling, lunging and jumping.
* Can help control other unwanted behaviours general aggression, dog-on-dog
aggressive behaviour, anxiety issues and a wide range of compulsive
* Fully and independently adjustable neck strap and nose loop for a custom fit.
* Immediate results – most dogs acclimate within minutes and respond very
* Neck strap applies pressure to the back of the dog’s neck.
* Soft, supple nylon construction.
* Never causes coughing, gagging or choking.
* Can be worn up to 18 hours a day.

The right solution for a well-behaved dog
This alternative training solution uses a simple loop which fits neatly around
your dog’s nose. The design applies gentle pressure to the back of your dog’s
neck rather than the front of the throat like conventional collars restraining
it from pulling and preventing unwanted behaviour. Simple and easy to fit, it’s
made from soft nylon and is lined with a felt pad for comfort. The Easy Walk
Headcollar is suitable for most dog breeds.


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