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This original paste can be frozen into pea-sized doses and added to your dog’s meals to help with joint inflammation and digestive health.

Comes with free coffee bean mould designed to freeze turmeric paste in.

Weight: 100g

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Turmeric is a spice that has been used, over the years, in Eastern cultures, as a natural medicine; it was particularly used for gastric upsets and, if inhaled as a vapour, for general health and wellbeing.

Over the past few years it has become increasingly popular for the support of joint health in people and is increasingly the subject of research into the characteristics of its bioactive components. Recognising the interest in turmeric as a potential product that would support an animal’s physiology in the course of the normal wear and tear of life, The Golden Paste Company began to look at the spice and its properties as a functional supplement for dogs (and cats).

TURMERIC – our turmeric is not irradiated or steam treated to preserve the key components. Our curcumin levels are 5.1% minimum.
COCONUT OIL – we use cold pressed and organic coconut oil
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – complete with ‘the mother’ apple cider vinegar includes compounds such as quercetin.
BLACK PEPPER – we crack our black pepper just before adding it to our paste
CEYLON CINNAMON – we use true (ceylon) cinnamon as this has a lower level of coumarin in.

You can also freeze your dog’s turmeric paste dosage in these cute coffee bean moulds! It’s the perfect pea-sized amount to start your dog out with Golden Paste Co. turmeric for joint and digestive health.

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