Happy Dog | Baby Lamb & Rice

Very well-tolerated all-in-one puppy food with lamb and rice


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Happy Dog | Baby Lamb & Rice

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Baby Lamb & Rice

Very well-tolerated complete puppy food with lamb and rice

Very well-tolerated lamb and highly digestible rice, combined with optimal fat and protein content, provide perfect support to the puppy in the first months of intensive growth. Happy Dog | Baby Lamb & Rice is also very suitable for sensitive dogs, thanks to the poultry-free formulation. A balanced diet enriched with valuable New Zealand mussels ensures good overall growth, and guarantees the optimal development of bones, sinews, ligaments and joints. Linseed, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, supports the development of a healthy skin barrier and a shiny coat. The flora in the intestine and the entire gastro-intestinal tract also benefit from linseed, combined with vital elements from special yeasts, B vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, that all support the intestine. For a strong immune system, there must be adequate vitamin C, which is why we naturally include it in the food. Based on the Happy Dog | Natural Life Concept ®, it provides your dog with everything its system needs holistically to start happily on its way to a long and healthy life.

Why do the heart-shaped kibbles have a hole in the centre? It’s simple – by having a hole, they break up more quickly and are then especially easy to chew and digest. With a larger surface area, they can thus be better broken down by the stomach’s digestive juices.

From the 7th month the dog should be moved on to Happy Dog | Junior Lamb & Rice.

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