Karlie Flamingo | Smart Bag 3-in-1

The Smart Bag 3-in-1 can be used as a practical hold-all, a comfortable rucksack or as a shoulder bag.

Its padded rear side, softly padded shoulder strap and low weight ensure maximum carrying convenience, even on longer trips. It also has special ventilation grids, which create a comfortable temperature for your dog.

For the car, Smart Bag offers secure transport just by pulling the safety belt through the two loops at the rear.


Material: sturdy neoprene-nylon mix.

Maximum weight: 15kg.

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Karlie Flamingo | Smart Bag 3-in-1

or on the

official Karlie Flamingo website

Fittings include:

  • Reflective safety strips
  • Locking collar
  • Side opening with zip fastener
  • Front pocket
  • Pet ID card
  • Hip strap (all straps are adjustable).
Dimensions 42 × 21 × 28 cm


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