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Maced Naturel Crispy | Venison | Dog Treats

Maced Super Premium Naturel range is grain free and are great supplemental treats suitable to feed with a raw/BARF diet.

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Maced Naturel Crispy | Venison | Dog Treats

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Naturel Crispy is a biologically appropriate delicacy, created on the basis of natural ingredients of the highest quality. Special proportions of meat, vegetables and fruits perfectly reflect the natural diet of dogs. High tastiness and crunchy formula make this delicacy unique!

Venison is a lean and easily digestible meat rich in protein, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Parsnip improves metabolism, has an anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect. Beetroot addition strengthens the bloodstream and helps to prevent cancer.

  • Crispy bites based on venison
  • Based on the ideology of a Biologically Appropriate Diet to the dog’s natural needs
  • Perfect for all breeds and sizes of dogs (puppies can be given from 3 months of age)
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients – only meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs – without flavor enhancers, dyes and preservatives
  • High palatability due to high meat content – minimum 65%
  • Very pleasant smell for the human nose, non-marking formula

Thanks to a special drying process with warm air, delicacies remain rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Maced treats do not contain any artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or dyes. These dried delights are 100% natural delicacies taken directly from nature.

They are completely organic – made from wholesome Polish products.

We proudly stand by the promise to deliver meat instead of pulp that once was meat. Because of our unique low-temperature processing technology, we are able to retain the fibre structure and highest nutritional qualities of meat while being in full control of the form and functional properties of the food we produce.

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Meat and products of animal origin: 66% (including 13% of venison), potato flakes, dried parsnip 13%, vegetable oil, dried beet 0.3%, minerals.

Moisture 12.8%
Crude protein 18.8%
Crude fat 16.7%
Crude ash 4.8%
Crude fibre 1.9%


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