Oster Pro Cologne Clean&Fresh 473Ml



Especially formulated to create a soft, smooth coat, repel dirt, and leave a
clean and fresh scent. Oster® Green Apple Cologne Spray prolong the groomer
look, touch, and feel.

Oster Professional Cologne Spray is ideal for use as a finishing touch on just
groomed animals or to refresh the coat between baths. Gentle on pets,t his spray
is alcohol-free and does not contain any solvents. It is especially formulated
with light conditioning ingredients that make final coat brush out smooth and
easy and help repel dirt. When dry, it will leave the skin and coat soft with a
light, non-sticky sheen.
* Leaves a long lasting fresh fragrance
* Light conditioning ingredients dries to leave the coat soft with a non-sticky
* 473ml Spray Dispenser
* Extends the life of the just-bathed-scent
* Proudly made in the USA


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