Pac19-14326 Pet Pod Urine Disposal Kit 7



* EASY CLEANING – Providing a practical solution to the laborious process of
cleaning up after your Pets, the Urine Disposal Kit allows owners to simply
throw out and replace the Pee-Pod every few days.
* LONG LASTING – Containing 7 Pee-Pods and Wee Sponge powder, the PetSafe
Pee-Pod Urine Disposal Kit lasts for up to 28 days
* EFFICIENT – Able to absorb 2 litres of liquid waste, each PetSafe Pee-Pod
easily handles your Pet’ liquid waste
* HYGIENIC DISPOSAL – Instantly absorbing all liquid waste, the Pee-Pod
Disposal Kit qyuickly traps foul odours, making disposal fast and clean
* ANTI SPLASH – The PetSafe Wee Sponge powder solidifies any liquid waste into
a gel almost instantly, preventing unwanted spills

Clearing your Pet’s waste can be a messy business. Coming home to foul stains,
spills and lingering smells can all be a thing of the past with the PetSafe
PeePod Urine Disposal Kit. Used in the PetSafe Pet Loo, the Urine Disposal Kit
makes cleaning up, fast, easy and hygienic. Fitting neatly into the Removal Tray
of the Pet Loo, the Urine Disposal Kit solidifies all waste, sealing all
moisture and unpleasant odours into an easily disposable clean gel, ready for
throwing away.


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