PetSafe | Busy Buddy® Puppy Twist N Treat

The original Premier TWIST toy can keep your puppy busy for a long time, satisfy

his natural need for gnawing, develop dexterity and quick wits. Especially

recommended for active animals with an intense chewing style.


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PetSafe | Busy Buddy® Puppy Twist N Treat

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TWIST consists of 2 detachable parts with an internal cavity. A treat or any

food familiar to a dog is poured into it. The parts twist into a single whole,

but there is a small gap between them, through which your pet can get the treat.
The tighter you twist the TWIST, the harder it will be for the animal to get the

treat. Therefore, the toy can keep the puppy busy for a long time, but he will

still receive a guaranteed reward for his efforts. Adjust access to treats based

on your pet’s temperament and curiosity.
To get the dog to start chewing on the toy, you can use not a food filler, but,

for example, grease the surface of the twist with a treat that your dog prefers.
Premier TWIST is made of high strength natural rubber, so the toy will last for

a long time. The elastic surface actively massages the gums, serves as a

prevention of the formation of tartar during active gnawing.
Designed for puppies 2 to 6 months old, but can be used successfully for older



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