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When your dog is on a lead, does he pull, jump or bark? Teach him better lead
manners with the Clik-R™ Clip. Clip it on to your lead to make on-lead training
easy and fun. Teach your pet that a click means a treat is coming and you’re
ready to train nearly anything. By attaching the clicker to your lead, you can
react more quickly and keep one hand free.

Clicker training is a clear way to train your pet using a click and a reward to
tell your pet he’s done something you like. The click sound tells your pet a fun
thing is coming – a small, tasty treat or toy as a reward. It doesn’t take long
for pets to understand how to play this game, and once they learn, they’re
usually eager for more.

PetSafe PTA1915090
* Easily attaches to any standard nylon lead up to 2.5 cm wide
* Light clicker with comfortable grip
* No-slip rubber coating
* Clicker assembly and training instructions included
* Developed in collaboration with behaviour consultant Adina MacRae
* For dogs of any size



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