PetSafe | Collarless Remote Trainer


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PetSafe | Collarless Remote Trainer

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Ideal for anyone who does not want to work with a necklace.
This remote control uses ultrasound to reinforce the commands you want to teach
your dog or cat.

The negative button activates an ultrasonic frequency inaudible to the human
The positive button triggers an audible signal to the human ear that rewards the
good behavior of the animal.

A gentle method of training.
Usable without collar.

* For dogs and cats after 6 months
* Works with a 9 Volt battery not supplied
* 2 keys (positive and negative)
* Range 10 m
* Control LED on the portable transmitter (informed by pressing the button)
* Detailed User Manual
* Splash proof
* Barking is part of the dog’s natural behavior.
* Frequent and untimely barking can cause discomfort and cause neighborhood

PetSafe® systems support you in educating your dog so that his barking remains
in the acceptable range but does not lose its effectiveness.



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