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PetSafe | Drinkwell® Big Dog Pet Fountain

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The Drinkwell® Big Dog Pet Fountain provides your pet 8.5 litres of fresh,
filtered water. The patented free-falling stream of water entices your pet to
more and continually aerates the water with healthful oxygen. The charcoal
filter removes bad tastes and odours for better tasting water. The 12.7cm deep
bowl helps prevent spills, and the 3.78 litre reservoir makes it easy to refill
your fountain.


* Attached 3.78 L reservoir makes refilling simple and convenient
* Patented falling stream of water encourages pets to drink more
* Receiving ramp reduces splash of falling water
* Adjustable flow control
* Water intake grate helps catch hair and kibble
* 12.7 cm deep bowl & splash guard creates a deep pool of fresh water and also
helps prevent splashing
* Rubber feet on bottom of fountain prevent sliding
* No assembly required
* Completely disassembles for cleaning


* Made of plastic
* For indoor use only
* For dogs and cats of any size
* Replaceable charcoal filter keeps water tasting clean and fresh
* Holds 8.5 litres of water
* Hand wash only



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