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The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is an innovative watering system which
entices your pet to drink more often, and therefore improving your pets
health.The system uses a free-falling stream of water which holds 1.5 litres.
This water is kept oxygenated by the constant movement that breaks the surface
tension, and with the charcoal filter, your pet is guaranteed fresh tasting

Research shows that one of the best ways to improve your pet’s health is to get
them to drink more. The pet fountain will do just this, so if your cat is prone
to urinary tract or kidney disorders, the running water will encourage your
feline friend to drink more and improve urinary health.

The pitcher-like spout is 12.7cm above the floor and the flow, which falls onto
a receiving ramp to reduce splashes, is adjustable. The charcoal filter, which
is included, helps to absorb tastes and odours, making the water more enticing
to your pet. This is a self-contained unit which does not need to be connected
to a water line.

The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain satisfies your pet’s preference for running
water, whilst looking after their health. Add to this the convenience to owners
and you have a product that both will love and get the benefit from.

* Dimensions: approx. W24 x L18 x H35.5cm
* Water Capacity: 1.5Litres
* Adjustable flow
* Replaceable charcoal filter included
* Patented free-falling water stream entices pets to drink more



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