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PetSafe® Peek-a-Bird electronic cat toy ™ thanks to wild hunting fun, it will

entertain your cat for several hours. The toy contains 2 modes. In single play

mode, the toy turns on for 10 minutes and then turns off automatically. In “Play

all day” mode, the toy is active for 10 minutes, followed by two standby

hours. If the motion sensor detects your cat’s activity during the 2-hour

standby time, the toy will automatically turn on again. The toy battery lasts

for approximately 30 days in “All Day Play” mode.

Thanks to these automatic toys, your cat will have fun all day and even during

your absence. The toy comes with one feather installed and one spare

feather. Let your cat enjoy the thrill of hunting with the PetSafe® Peek-a-Bird

™ cat toy.
»Two play modes – set Peek-a-Bird ™ to single play or all day play mode

»Automatic shut-off – to save battery power, the toy automatically shuts off

after 10 minutes of play »Motion sensor activation – in all-day playback mode,

the motion sensor detects your cat’s movement and turns on automatically »Hide

and Seek – Your cat will hunt feathers that hide in and out of two different

holes to create a fun toy for her »This cat toy contains one feather trailer

plus spare feathers »Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)



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