PetSafe | Microchip Activated Pet Flap (White)


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PetSafe | Microchip Activated Pet Flap (White)

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The Petsafe Microchip Cat Flap has been designed to allow your cat easy access to the outside world whilst keeping other troublesome cats and animals out of your house. The Petsafe Microchip Cat Flap works by reading your cat’s unique microchip ID without the need for a collar or accessory. 4 Way manual locking options and 2-way microchip. Easy to program, can be programmed for up to 40 microchipped cats. Draught excluder for additional energy efficiency.

* Made from Plastic (ABS).

* Suitable for medium sized cat up to 8kgs/17.6lbs.

* Microchip recognition ensures only your pets can use the flap.

* 4-way lock: in/out/opened/locked.

* Manual locking system.

* Max shoulder width 15cm.

* Suitable for: glass, wood and most types of PVC doors.

* Can be fitted into windows.

* H23.9, W22, D12.2cm.

* Manufacturer’s 3 year limited hardware guarantee.


Can be extended with the Microchip Tunnel Extension and the Microchip Keychain. A Replacement Flap is also available.



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