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Waste Management systems provide innovative and hygienic ways to control pets’
toileting habits, reducing unpleasant smells in the home. Pets quickly become
accustomed to using them and owners appreciate the more pleasant and convenient
advantages they offer.

Pet Loo – a synthetic lawn toilet that contains pet waste in one designated area
– indoors or out.

The unique drainage system requires minimum cleaning making it both a hygienic
and convenient solution for pet and owner.


Pet Loo is a synthetic lawn toilet that will contain pet waste to one designated
area – indoors or out! The unique urine drainage system makes it a hygienic
solution for both you and your pet. Pet Loo is convenient and simple allowing
your pet the freedom to do its business without relying on you for an
opportunity. Suitable for apartments, the elderly, office dogs, boats, plush
gardens, water restricted environments and grassless backyards. Pet Loo is
solving a Global problem… pet waste management!

A deceptively simple design with more than 3 years of development and testing to
ensure the end product is something that pets would feel comfortable using, is
effective in containing the waste and is easy to clean and maintain.


Your pet pees on Pet Loo. Urine passes through the grass onto the Pet Loo
corrugated tray, which channels the urine down to the catchment jug – with no
spillage. The catchment jug holds approximately two litres of liquid is easy to
remove, and easy to clean!! The revolutionary Pee-Pod is a biodegradable
container that fits neatly inside the catchment jug of the Pet Loo. When Wee
Sponge (powder) comes into contact with liquid waste it rapidly absorbs the
urine and turns it into a solidified gel, also trapping any airborne odours.
When the gel is thrown out into the trash, so are the odours! Together, the Wee
Sponge and Pee-Pods allow the Pet Loo’s catchment jug to hold at least 100 times
its weight in liquid. Pee-Pod Usage: 1 Pee-Pod has a 2-3 day life span!

As for the numbers 2s, simply scoop it up as you would in a normal backyard!


The synthetic grass used for Pet Loo is of optimum quality and is easy to
maintain. The grass is nonporous, so will not absorb pet waste so cleaning is a
breeze! A Replacement Grass will make the cleaning process even easier, use one,
while the second is being cleaned.


The base of Pet Loo is very strong (able to hold in excess of 300 kg) and is
made entirely from a nonporous plastic, which means that there is nothing to
absorb or trap urine and faeces or their odours. Pet Loo’s base is angled
slightly to assist gravity in the catchment of urine. The tray has been produced
using UV resistant plastics allowing pet owners to have the option to use Pet
Loo inside or outdoors.



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