PetSafe | SSSCAT Spray Deterrent Replacement Can


This is a refill for the SSSCat from Petsafe
SSSCat from Petsafe is a simple way to teach your cat or dog unwanted behavior.
or to keep your pet away from certain areas. It is a harmless spray that
responds to movement. As soon as your pet comes within a meter of the spray can.
registers the SSSCat movement and sprays a fast and safe mist. Your pet will be
shocked and will learn to avoid this area. This spray can be used anywhere in
the house.
The spray has five horizontally adjustable directions for spraying. but it can
also be set vertically. The device runs on 4 AAA batteries (not included).
Different refill sets are available. The spray is odorless and harmless. It
contains the gas R134a.
. All Petsafe for your Cat available from stock !.
Petsafe ssscat Defense Spray Trainer for cats and dogs is for indoor training.

* Adjustable motion detection range from 1 m
* Adjustable spray direction
* 80-100 sprays per refill
* Odorless refill can be ordered separately.
Ssscat refill odorless.
The PetSafe® ssscat ™ Fernhaltespray is a simple and effective way to unlearn
your pet’s unwanted behavior or keep it away from certain areas or areas. When
the motion detector registers the animal, a short burst of spray follows. The
aerosol sprays an odorless gas, your pet is startled and flees. The perfect way
to learn that certain areas or rooms are taboo. You can also adjust the spray
direction vertically for optimal use. Pets provide a lot of love and friendship,
but sometimes also irritation. If he’s damaging your furniture, knocking over a
vase, hanging in the curtains, or jumping on your couch, here’s what to do about
it. With PetSafe ssscat defense spray, this behavior is finally a thing of the
past! Overview of the PetSafe ssscat defense spray: 1 PetSafe ssscat motion
sensor device 1 box of unscented spray 1 manual Range of spray and motion sensor
approximately 1 meter Adjustable motion sensor (5 horizontal positions)
Adjustable spray direction (3 vertical positions) On / off switch 4 AAA
batteries required (not included) 1 aerosol is sufficient for 80 – 100 spray
jets Refill kits (115/130 ml) available separately Odorless Without dangerous
substances The spray contains the gas R134a For indoor use Suitable for cats,
rabbits, ferrets, dogs and other pets

Ssscat Odorless Deterrence Spray Refill The deterrence spray detects movement up
to 1 meter away. When your pet is detected, the deterrence spray quickly sprays
the safe spray, which scares your pet. The spray is odorless and safe, but
provides enough stimulus to discourage pets from entering forbidden areas. The
spray is effective for cats and dogs, regardless of size and breed. * Indoor
training for cats and dogs * Adjustable motion detection range from 1 meter *
Adjustable spray direction * 80 – 100 sprays per refill.



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