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PetSafe | Staywell Magnetic 4 Way Locking Classic Pet Flap

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Many cats are quirky animals and they like to decide when they can go in and

out. With a cat flap you no longer have to open the door yourself and your wimpy

friend can enter and exit the house yourself. A handy cat flap is the Animal

Flap 932 Magnetic S from Petsafe.
Please note: this animal flap is suitable for cats and small dogs up to 7 kg

with a maximum shoulder width of 16.2 cm.
Warning: Small children can also crawl through the hatch. Always keep a close

eye on your children and the hatch and ensure that there are no dangerous areas,

such as a swimming pool, on the other side of the hatch.
This Petsafe series of basic cat flaps consists of three variants that basically

have the same specifications:
* The 917 includes a tunnel for thicker or hollow doors and walls

* The 919 for thin, solid doors

* The 932 including tunnel and a magnetic lock
The 932 Animal Flap is made of sturdy and durable plastic and can be used for

cats and small dog breeds up to 7 kg body weight. The strong transparent

visor provides passage for dogs with a shoulder width of up to 16.2 cm.
The flap has four modes: your cat can either go in alone, or just go outside, or

the hatch is fully open so that the cat can go out and in, or the hatch is

completely closed. The valve has a draft strip to prevent drafts.
Unique to this cat flap is the included magnetic collar that your cat wears to

‘unlock’ the flap (no batteries are needed for this). This cat flap works

similar to a cat flap with a chip. The difference with a cat flap with a chip is

that with this cat flap you can extra regulate which pets can go in and out, for

example, one cat can and the other cat cannot. With this magnetic hatch, any

animal can open the hatch with the magnetic collar, but you can, for example,

just keep the neighborhood cat outside.
Note: Petsafe magnetic shutters do NOT work in a metal door. A separate wooden

frame must be made for this (not included). Get the help of a specialist.
The Animal Door 932 Magnetic S is available in the color white, contains one

collar with magnetic pendant and has the following dimensions:
* Dimensions of the frame – 22.3 x 22.3 x 10.0 cm

* Flap opening – 14.0 x 16.2 cm

* Size cutout – 16.9 x 16.9 cm

* Size cutout with glass – diameter of 21.0 cm



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