PetSafe | Sureflap Microchip Feeder


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PetSafe | Sureflap Microchip Feeder

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Sure feed food dispenser is the intelligent solution for control of the feeding.

The food dispenser opens only for the animals whose implanted identification

microchip is stored. The storage of the Identification microchip can be done

with a push of a button and if your cat or dog does not have this chip, the food

dispenser with a RFID collar tag. Thus, you can be sure that only your pet food

to eat and not strange pets or wild animals. Also ideal for several pets, no

lining envy on or receives the animal to be special feed sickness or obesity.

The flap closes automatically as soon as the animal away and thus keeps the food

fresh and protected against flies, ants, mice, mold spores, etc. You can also no

children to play or try. Also ideal for garden house, garages, barns and

protected outdoor area.



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