PetSafe | Wireless Pet Containment System™


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PetSafe | Wireless Pet Containment System™

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This easy to set-up Containment System uses a radio signal to establish a
circular boundary perimeter creating a wireless fence – so there are no wires to
bury. This fence system can work with an unlimited number of pets (with the
purchase of extra Receiver Collars) and is completely portable. Suitable for
dogs over 3.6 kg. Includes 1 x Receiver Collar

The Wireless Instant Fence is ideal for a lot of situations but has it’s
limitations. The main one being the area contained can only be circular with a
maximum diameter of 190 feet and the transmitter must be placed indoors. The
advantages are that it can be installed in minutes, and the receiver comes with
five levels of correction and a low battery indicator. How it works. The dog
wears a receiver collar and when he gets to the boundary area (which can be
adjusted) he first hears a warning tone, and if he continues he then receives a
correction (which you can adjust).

* For dogs 3.6 kg and up
* Fits neck sizes 15 – 71 cm
* Waterproof Receiver Collar
* Uses 1 x 6 Volt battery (included)
* Battery usually lasts 2-3 months
* Low battery indicator



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