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Prince Grain-Free | Fitness

Prince Grain Free Fitness is designed to help dogs recovering from health conditions and allergies.


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Prince Grain-Free | Fitness

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Ideal for healthy (medium to large) adult dogs of all ages, but also designed to help improve condition of dogs suffering with poor health or allergy problems.

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Composition: Chicken (protein quality meal*), Peas, Potato (starch meal), Linseed, Beet fibre (dried), Fat (chicken), Fish (protein meal/oil), Vegetable oil, Minerals (salt), Chicory roots (dried), Eggs (protein/fat meal), Brewer yeast, Carrots (dried), Dried fine powdered: Irish moss, Rosehips with seeds, Sour apple, Cleavers herb, Blueberries, Rhubarb root, Garlic, Birch bark, Alfalfa herb, Nettle leaves, Dandelion root, Egyptian chamomile flowers, Hawthorn leaves with flowers, Juniper berries, Walnut shells, Anis seeds Analysis per kg: Crude protein 25% Crude fat 14.5% Crude fibre 4% Crude ash 7.5% Calcium (Ca) 13.5g Phosphorus (P) 9.5g Magnesium (Mg) 1.4g Sodium (Na) 4g Omega 3 fatty acid 7.7g Omega 6 fatty acid 23.1g Energy: GE 16560 KJ Vitamins: Vitamin A 18.000iu Vitamin D3 1.800iu Vitamin E alfa-tocopherol 500mg Vitamin B1 9.6mg Vitamin B2 7.2mg Vitamin B6 6mg Vitamin B12 0.036mg D-pantothenic acid 18mg Niacin 24mg Folic acid 1.2mg Biotin 0.72mg Choline chloride 240mg Trace elements: Iron (Fe) 180mg Copper (Cu) 12mg Manganese (Mn) 12mg Zinc (Zn) 180mg Iodine (I) 2.4mg Selenium (Se) 0.2mg Cobalt (Co) 1.2mg Antioxidants: Tocopherol rich extract Preservatives: Citric acid


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