Protec Dogs | Insect Repellent

  • Tick and insect repellent for animals. DEET free, non toxic
  • Long lasting providing 8 ? 10 hours total tick protection
  • Proven effective protection against ticks and biting insects
  • Repels ticks, sandflies, fleas, horseflies, blackflies, mosquitoes, tetse flies & gadflies

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We all love our dogs so want to protect them from biting insects, ticks and fleas . However, we all know that is easier said than done! Dogs are inquisitive by nature. Sniffing, exploring unlikely places and rolling in unpleasant smelling areas, chasing bees and wasps. Generally getting into mischief is part of their nature and, in a strange way, their appeal! Insect bites are therefore a common problem. Reactions to bites can range from scratching and local skin lesions, to difficulty breathing, increased heart rate and in the worst case scenarios, death . If you find a tick on the skin of your dog, do not attempt to pull it out as the head will break off inside the skin and cause infection. Either take your dog to the vet or use a tick twister for safe and painless removal. The safest solution is to prevent bites, and the associated conditions carried by such vectors. Protect them with GURKHA PROTEC INSECT REPELLENT for dogs. Spray directly onto your dog (avoiding the eye area) or spray onto your hands and massage into the dog’s coat. DO NOT use on puppies or pregnant or nursing bitches.

How to Use

Spray directly onto dog?s coat or onto your hands and then rub into the dog?s fur

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