Pupi Piu’ Nappies Lavander 20Pcs 60X90



Pupi Più the diaper, with lavender scent Pupi Più with the lavender scent is a
mat with incredibly absorbent polymers, which can be used in special dog
toilets, or can be spread directly on the floor. It is advisable to put a few
drops of the accustoming GIMDOG Puppy on the mat: after feeding the dog, bring
it to the mat and leave it there until it has defecated. Immediately afterwards
you will give him a snack, so that he understands that he has taken the correct
action. For the first times it is recommended to put the dog in a special
enclosure so that he learns faster. Dispose of in the unsorted municipal waste
collection containers (comply with the municipal regulations in force). Pupi Più
diapers with super absorbent polymers are also suitable for sick or incontinent
dogs and for hospitalization in veterinary facilities.• Hygienic • Practical •
Super absorbent • Lavender scent

Measurements: 60×90 cm Contents: 20 pcs


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