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Alaska | Raw Complete Red for Dogs

A complete variant with different animal species from the category of red meat. Alaska Red Complete contains muscle meat, bone, and organs from duck, horse, and lamb and a vegetable mix with carrot, spinach, and cauliflower. The supplement with salmon oil and vitamins and minerals ensures that this product is complete, containing all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs.


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Moisture 68  %
Protein 13  %
Fat 15  %
Fiber 0.3  %
Ash 2.5  %
Calcium 0.59  %
Phosphorus 0.39  %
Ca:P 1.51  %
Energy 187  kcal/100 g


63% Duck (28% meaty backs, 20% meat, 15% heart), 15% vegetable mix (5% carrot, 5% spinach, 5% cauliflower), 10% horse meat, 10% lamb meat, 1% salmon oil, 1% vitamins and minerals.


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