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Alaska | Raw Complete White for Dogs

A complete variant with different animal species from the category of white meat. This variant contains different parts of the chicken, turkey, and rabbit and a vegetable mix with carrot, spinach, and cauliflower. The addition of salmon oil and vitamins and minerals make the product complete, so you can be sure that your dog is not short of anything.


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Alaska | Raw Complete White for Dogs

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Moisture 67  %
Protein 13  %
Fat 16  %
Fiber 0.4  %
Ash 2.3  %
Calcium 0.61  %
Phosphorus 0.33  %
CaP 1.75  %
Energy 198  kcal/100 g


48% Meaty chicken backs, 25% turkey (15% heart, 10% meat), 15% vegetable mix (5% carrot, 5% spinach, 5% cauliflower), 10% rabbit (5% ear, 5% kidney with fat), 1% salmon oil, 1% vitamins and minerals



Weight 0.8 kg


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