Rfa-188 Battery Module 3V



PetSafe RFA-188 Replacement Battery, 3Volt Lithium Battery Module. PetSafe
batteries are Radio Fence original replacement module battery – RFA-188 PetSafe

Replacement battery for fence collar, bark collar products. Compatible with
PetSafe Nano Bark, Comfort Fit, Elite Little Dog PBC00-12726, and Elite Big Dog
bark PBC00-12725. Battery comes complete with a watertight seal, coin slot easy
to replace and will provide a long lasting shelf life.

It is recommended, when first training your pet on any PetSafe Radio Fence
Collar or Bark Collar, it’s a good idea to purchase additional battery modules.
You will tend to use up battery during the training of your pet.

RFA-188 Battery fits the following PetSafe product:

* PetSafe Nano Bark Control Collar Battery,
* PBC00-10782 PetSafe Comfort Fit Deluxe Little Dog In-Ground Fence System
* PIG00-10778 PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver /Collar
* PIG00-11006 PetSafe Big Dog Bark Control Collar
* PBC00-11047 PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Trainer PDT00-10867
* PetSafe PBC23-10931 Bark Collar
* PetSafe PIG00-10773 Comfort Fit Little Dog Fence
* PetSafe PIG00-11007 Cat In Ground Fence
* PetSafe PIG00-11006 Cat Extra Fence Collar
* PetSafe PBC00-12726 Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar
* PetSafe PBC00-12725 Deluxe Big Dog Bark Control Collar
* PetSafe PCF-1000-20 In-Ground Cat Fence System
* PetSafe PCF-275-19 UltraLight In-Ground Cat Fence Collar
* PetSafe PIG20-11041 Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence System
* PetSafe PIG19-11042 Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence Collar
* PetSafe PIG22-11849 Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence System
* PetSafe PIG22-11850 Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence Collar
* PetSafe PIG22-11868 Little Dog Nano Containment System
* PetSafe PIG22-11869 Little Dog Nano Containment Collar

How long will each battery last in my PetSafe Radio Fence Collar?
Our batteries are designed to last as long or longer then you original PetSafe
Fence Brand Radio Fence batteries. Average reports are, between 3-6 months, but
this will vary based on your dog, yard and usage. It’s a good idea to test your
batteries periodically.

How long is shelf life of batteries?
Our batteries have a shelf life up to (5) five years


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