Royal Canin | Urinary Care Pouches | Wet Dog Food

Complete feed for dogs – For adult dogs over 10 months old – Dogs prone to urinary sensitivities.

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Royal Canin | Urinary Care Pouches | Wet Dog Food

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A common concern for dogs is their urinary tract health. Your dog’s urine can become too concentrated if he doesn’t drink enough water. Minerals in urine can then form crystals, which will eventually lead to painful stones.
High-quality nutrients that are calibrated for urinary comfort and a healthy urinary tract help to protect your dog’s wellbeing.
Suitable for dogs of all sizes, ROYAL CANIN® Urinary Care Loaf’s formula works by diluting urine, ultimately creating a urinary environment that’s less favourable for the formation of crystals and stones.
This food’s balanced nutrition provides a healthy foundation for optimal wellbeing. All ROYAL CANIN® foods contain 100% of the quality fats, proteins, fibers, minerals, and vitamins that your dog needs to support optimal urinary health.
The extra-tasty pâté formula itself has a high moisture content, which further helps to support the dilution of your dog’s urine.

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