Vitacoat Yorksheen Shampoo 250Ml



Shampoo for Yorkshires and similar breeds. Due to its components it softens and
helps keep hair in good condition. Formulated so that the steely and black-fiery
hues come up with an incredible pearly hue. You will also get great results with
silver coated dogs.

High-level products for the care of the hair and skin of dogs and cats. Thinking
about the well-being of our pets, Vitacoat shampoos are made from NATURAL SOAPS,
cleaning in depth without attacking the hair or skin of your pet.

Why do Vitacoat shampoos produce little foam?

It is due to its Natural Soap base since it only contains 5% detergent. The
detergent is responsible for the appearance of foam, but not for
cleaning. Detergent can irritate your pet’s skin and even mucous membranes.

Color Care

Shampoos to enliven the coat color in a Natural way.

Whether pigmented or melamine, they act from the first application but their
maximum effect will be seen from the third application.

Manufacturer: Johnson´s

Capacity: 250 ml.

EAN:  5024003701653


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